Initial Setup & installation

Hey there, this is the first time you have setup your captcha with refresh. Please choose the width and colours for your captcha and press the Activate Setup button.

Captcha Settings

Activate Setup

Captcha Preview's

Below are two sample previews for the easy and more difficult captures to help you get an idea of how your captcha will look with the colours you choose.

Easy to read:
Harder to read, but more secure:

How to use this feature?

Once you have setup your captcha all you need to do now is follow these simple steps:

  1. Setup your web form as normal.
  2. Add Captcha to your web form.
  3. Instead of using the captcha module { module_captchav2,LightBlue,#FF3300,220 }
    replace it with the content holder shown below.

You should now be ready to go.


Q. I do not see any reload button or it does not look any different from the old one
A. Have you replace your catpcha module with the content holder outline above?

Q. How do I add my own image to the button or not use one at all?
A. If you click the "I will add change it myself" you can then go into the content holder itself that is created called captchav3 found in content holders.

Q. Where is the content holder?
A. You can find the content holder that is created via SFTP System/ContentHolders/ or in the admin via Site Manager > Content Holders

Q. Can I add this to a comment form?
A. Yes you can, just insert the comment as you would normally with captcha and just simply replace the module with the content holder.

Q. I insert my web forms as modules, will this have any effect?
A. This works just fine.


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Delete this app

You can completely remove this app and its elements.
Any form that has the content holder will now not have a functioning updated captcha. You will need to replace the content holder with the original captcha module.

App V1.2.