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Home Blog Macquarie Medi Spa's 30 day challenge is NOW ON

Macquarie Medi Spa's 30 day challenge is NOW ON

Friday, April 01, 2016

We had 55 local women join up to our 30 day challenge that began on April 1st 2016!

This is the first time we have hosted this type of event & to say we are excited is an understatement!

Wellness & health are very popular right now & to co-incide with Karla undertaking her Wellness Coaching course she decided to kick off her first job as a coach to help the people of Bathurst on an extremely large scale!

Macquarie Medi Spa is hosting 30 days of healthy, lifestyle, happy & motivational tips & quotes  all month long to help others feel better about themself & make healthier choices in life!

Along with this we have made up a Macquarie Medi Spa 'juice' recipe for the month & the ingredient list is at a local cafe 'Banjos' where people can go to and ask for the Macquarie Medi Spa juice & the staff at Banjos know exactly what they are talking about!

Karla has also organised fitness classes for the 55 subscribers at Studio Benefit & D2F gyms in Bathurst (all at no charge to our 30 day challenge subscribers) to offer customers a variety of different exercise programs over the 30 day challenge as well as Macquarie River walks to get people outside & being active!

Stress is another key important factor in peoples lives affecting their wellbeing so the Medi Spa will have various treatments on offer for customers to receive at reduced rates as well as health products will be on sale.

This is a fantastic initiative by Macquarie Medi Spa to give back to our local community, donate our time & money to others in helping people make better choices when it comes to their health.




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