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Nutritive Lipid Elixir 30ml

Nutritive Lipid Elixir 30ml
Nutritive Lipid Elixir 30mlNutritive Lipid Elixir 30ml

Product ID: 10235187


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Nutritive delivers a rich source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential lipids primarily to moderate moisture loss from the skins tissues. A biomimetic complex of ceramides and phytosterols replenishes the intercellular cement between the cells.
The combination of Nutritive Comfort Cream and Essential Lipid Elixir repairs the porous intercellular cement in drier skin types which may lead to deep dehydration of the skin. Nutritive is recommended following Hydroxyl acid peeling treatments where the epidermal lipids have been dissolved as part of the treatment process, thus, preventing rapid skin dehydration in the days following peeling treatments.
The serum is recognized for its soothing, restructuring and antioxidant properties, thus contributing to the immediate relief and comfort of a dry skin.

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